HER Stories: Muslim Women & Education

In the western world, the majority of people don’t associate Muslim women with being educated and knowledge seeking. Muslim women are seen as shadows of people beneath veils. Subordinate creatures who are restricted and consigned to the kitchen. The western world has this perception because it compares Muslim women to its own standards.

Unfortunately, there are Muslim women, both living in the western world and in Muslim countries, who are oppressed by their male counterparts in many ways. These men either have little knowledge of their religion or they have no regard for it. They forbid women from going to school or work. They force their daughters to marry against their will. All of these things are completely against Islam.

Education is an important principle in Islam. The Prophet (pbuh) said: “Seeking knowledge is an obligation upon every Muslim.” This applies to all Muslims – men and women! Therefore…

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Time for a Change

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Jessann Boutique

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20 Facts About Me

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The Blue Sky Tag

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The Sunshine Blogger Award

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The Blog-aholic Award

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