A World beyond Repair

A previously published poem here with some minor edits. Death, destruction, despair. A world beyond repair. Terror, tyranny and tears. Victims of all years. Nations wiped – genocide, People look on worldwide. Governments, police: corrupt, To protect or destruct? Refugees turned away, Despite room for them to stay. Attacks worldwide without reprieve, Only white lives … Continue reading A World beyond Repair


DisUnited Kingdom

Politicians expect respect but do nothing for the people except neglect. We have to read between the lines to see the truth wrapped up in lies. The media tells us what they want us to know; they keep minds closed and discourage growth. Papers owned by the rich and sold to the poor, So their … Continue reading DisUnited Kingdom

Small Pixie

I can still effortlessly remember when I was so young; with wide, innocent eyes. Eyes that only cried at the trivial, fixable and temporary. I didn’t see it coming. Untroubled and beaming with troubles smaller than I, a pixie of a child, with the fairies. That was in a time unreachable and fathomable only in … Continue reading Small Pixie

Dear Dad

Dear Dad I wonder what you would think of me, of the woman I have become. I wonder if you would be proud of my achievements. I wonder would you be proud of my character, my personality and what about my principles and values. I wonder how much of me is you. I know I … Continue reading Dear Dad


Day 24 of the October writing prompt challenge January Cold, fresh and crispy air. It smells and feels clean with the icy snap overtaking everything else. A single step outside and I breathe in deeply. Snow, covering the road, pavement and all of the cars. Now everything is the same. Everything is uniform. Everything matches, … Continue reading January


Day 23 of the October writing prompt challenge. Mother-in-Law A beautiful soul A nourishing heart A deep carer A sincere sympathiser A generous giver A noble mind A ready giver of love A considerate thinker A home to many Always, a mother May Allah protect her and grant her good in this life and the … Continue reading Mother-in-Law

A Wish

Day 20 of the October writing prompt challenge. A Wish "I made a wish and you came true." That's what you told me at the beginning of out journey. When we first made our promises and took on our duties to one another. I made a wish and you came true. A wish as in, … Continue reading A Wish


Day 19 of the October writing prompt challenge. Change Change is inevitable and unavoidable. There can be no going back. Every second that passes and moment that flies away, more change greets you. Once a change has arrived and announced itself, there can be no unchanging. Only more change. You cannot go back to the … Continue reading Change