The Mountain of Acquaintance

She thought of the ones who came first on this earth. The very first humans. Adam (AS) and Hawwa. The way they were both cast down to this earth to stay here for the rest of their lives. Not only that, but they were both cast down to completely different parts of the world. Adam … Continue reading The Mountain of Acquaintance


What is Love

Love is support, holding you up strong and high; it wipes your tears whenever you cry Love is laughter, infectious and true; it starts in your heart and goes all the way through Love is gold but not for fools; it's held to no laws, boundaries or rules Love is a cool breeze on a … Continue reading What is Love

A Letter to Her Husband

Ya rajli You pour your love so generously, so endlessly, without regard You mended the cracks in my heart that I thought were there to stay and you did it without even trying You make me feel whole because you are everything that I didn't know I was missing You are a part of me; … Continue reading A Letter to Her Husband

Struggles of a Revert – Part 2

Continuing on from the first part hereΒ I just wanted to highlight some more struggles that reverts go through. Just to reiterate: not all reverts go through these difficulties and indeed a lot of them apply to born Muslims too! But - for reverts, they go through these struggles on top of the struggles which the … Continue reading Struggles of a Revert – Part 2

HER Stories: Alexa

Let me tell you about Alexa. A strong, brave woman who only discovered the depths of her strength when she was fighting for her life. Although Alexa is not real, her story is. She had loved him, truly and without limitations. Even now, even after everything; Rory would always be the love of her life, … Continue reading HER Stories: Alexa

Extremely British Muslims – My Perspective on Marriage

I finished watching the first episode of 'Extremely British Muslims' - the documentary on channel 4. After watching 'Muslims Like Us' recently on BBC and now this, I am beginning to see a trend. Documentaries which are supposedly made and broadcasted with the aim of reducing stigma and segregation within British society but do very … Continue reading Extremely British Muslims – My Perspective on Marriage

His Love is a Force of Nature

His love is a cascading river; endlessly pouring itself into the sea, corroding harsh rocks and bringing nourishment to the life around it. His love is a volcano; ready to unleash a flow of fire, passionate and scorching. His love is an evergreen tree through the harshest of winters; enduring and unfaltering. His love is … Continue reading His Love is a Force of Nature

A wee bit about marriage

Marriage is hard work. Everyone who is married says so and it may sound very cliche but it is also true. Marriage is a full time commitment. You don't get any time off from being married, not a day, not a minute. It is hard work because when things get tough and other people might … Continue reading A wee bit about marriage