Day 13 of the October writing prompt challenge! Unwritten My future self sits at the table, or sits by the window, or on the sofa... With one of my many notebooks and a pen in my hands, or my laptop, or a scrap piece of paper... And I write the words that come to me, … Continue reading Unwritten



Day 12 of the October writing prompt challenge. My BFF From those days in the playground, I remember how we used to play make believe... acting out every scene that our young minds could think of. How our young and innocent hearts planned out our entire lives. How people used to think we were twins … Continue reading My BFF

HER Stories: The Secret Hijabi

I first wore hijab when I went to the masjid to say my shahada. I had come to the decision I was going to embrace Islam and my friend and I had arranged to go to the masjid on the Friday evening. For me, there wasn’t any doubt when it came to the topic of … Continue reading HER Stories: The Secret Hijabi

Twelfth Night at Bothwell Castle

Recently my husband and I went to a performance of Twelfth Night and the venue was Bothwell Castle. The stage was very small and was set at one end of the courtyard of the castle so it was outdoors. Given it was an evening in July, one might think there'd be no issue there however … Continue reading Twelfth Night at Bothwell Castle

Struggles of a Revert

As a revert you find yourself in some difficult situations with so many mixed emotions. The enormous peace and happiness at having accepted Islam; the pressure and strain of having to learn so much from scratch; the confusion at being told different opinions. I wanted to share some of the struggles a revert might face, … Continue reading Struggles of a Revert

Time is a Friend to the Heartbroken

Time is one of those things which always seems to do the opposite thing you want it to do. It goes brutally slowly when you are anxiously awaiting something in the future and frighteningly fast when you are anxiously dreading something. When time is running out with someone it flashes by rapidly. When you are … Continue reading Time is a Friend to the Heartbroken

Scotland Through Her Eyes – Part 3

Rays of sunshine emerged through gaps in the persistent and ever lingering clouds. Like rays of hope they shone amidst, and despite of, a bleak background. Rays showing her glimpses of beauty which she chose not to see before. Reflections glittered where dull waters lay previously. Colours developed and changed as the light drew over … Continue reading Scotland Through Her Eyes – Part 3

Scotland Through Her Eyes – Part 2

An array of boulders and pebbles, each helping one other to create a pathway for their love to reach the sea. Everyday the tide would take her away only to bring her back again. They knew she would come back, like she did everyday, and yet every absence was too long. The uncertainty which lingered … Continue reading Scotland Through Her Eyes – Part 2