Algerian Proverb: Friendship

الربا فالخلطة والربح من الاعتزال، كل من تقول حبيبك تلقاه سم قاتل Transliteration: Arba felkholta werrabh min al i3tizal, kol men t9ol 7bibek tel9ah sem 9atel Literal translation: Losing is in having too many friends and success is having limited friends. Whoever you say is my friend, you find them to be a venom. This basic meaning of … Continue reading Algerian Proverb: Friendship


Arabic Proverb: Silence is an Answer to the Stupid

Today I wanted to share an Arabic proverb which is so simple yet powerful السكوت على الاحمق جوابه Literal translation: Silence is an answer to the stupid. There are some things which, to put it frankly, do not deserve a response. For whatever reason that may be, sometimes people are looking for a reaction of … Continue reading Arabic Proverb: Silence is an Answer to the Stupid