ARC Review: Take Me In by Sabine Durrant

Take Me In – Sabine Durrant

Publisher: Mulholland Books

Expected Publication: 28th June 2018

I read Durrant’s Lie With Me last year and although I wasn’t thrilled by it, there were elements that drew me in so when I saw Take Me In on Netgalley I requested it.

Take Me In is about a middle class couple, Tessa and Marcus, whose marriage is on the brink. They have a 3 year old son, Josh, a beautiful home in London and highflying friends. When they go on their family holiday to Greece, an incident happens which starts to unravel their lives as they know it.
Josh nearly drowns in the sea after both his parents’ attention is elsewhere. A stranger, Dave Epsom, rescues Josh from near death and even as he brings him in from the sea something about him unsettled Marcus and Tessa.
After that traumatic event Dave Epsom becomes a prominent figure in their lives, whether they want him to or not. This hero seems to make them questions themselves and more than that; what he wants from them.

Take Me In is told in alternative chapters from the perspective of Tessa and Marcus. This was good as it allowed the reader to get an insight into both of their minds and was also crucial with how certain events played out. From the thoughts of both of these characters it is clear that their marriage is unhappy and they both seem to be responsible for this. In fact it is not until about 3/4 way through the book that I even felt like they actually cared about or loved each other even slightly. There were some references to the fact that they might have loved each other once upon a time but it takes a long time to be sure there is any still there. Because of that, I found that I did not care about their relationship or whether it worked out which I would have if it had been evident throughout that there was substance between them. At some points I was like ugghhh seriously guys you’re pathetic… Although I guess it was realistic it was tiring and tedious to read at times.

I really don’t like giving negative reviews because I can normally find something I like about a book but with this one I really struggled… Neither of the main characters were particularly likeable and were most of the time rather annoying. Again this made me feel detached and I hadn’t invested myself in caring about what happened to either of them. The one thing that kept me reading was the persistent though sometimes minuscule suggestions that something very big and life changing was about to take place. Dave Epsom is a recurring feature in their lives and with him he brings constant uncertainty as well as a threat of danger. It wasn’t until about halfway through the book that anything remarkable actually took place and from there the pace picked up slightly.

The last quarter of the book was definitely the most intriguing. After truths have come out and Tessa and Marcus have to confront both of their dishonesties and lack of effort in the relationship; things start to get slightly more interesting. The final act is a confrontation on their family and whether they can survive it is the real question.
I felt there was a lot of promise and suggestion of a big twist or momentous event to come but I was somewhat disappointed when it did. I found the end quite messy and a bit of a let down.
A lot of the book I had to force myself through because it focused on one’s career which I found boring and the other’s betrayal which I found even more boring. There was a lot of hints and undercurrents of something of substance which never really came. For a thriller it wasn’t particularly thrilling and in a way the ending reminded me of Lie With Me. Luna wasn’t particularly impressed either.

Rating: 4/10




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