The Trouble with Other People’s Pain

The trouble with other people’s pain, namely people that have a place in your heart, is that it can be much harder to bear than your own.

“Give it to me instead” she said.
That would be better, she was certain.
“Give me your pain and I’m sure I’ll bear it. My own pain I can take.”
But one thing she could not take, was his. His pain. That was the most unbearable, heart breaking, soul shattering experience to her. Witnessing his pain which she could do nothing about.
Nobody to attack. Nothing to fix. Beyond her remit. All she could do was try to ease his pain and be with him through it.
A pain so deep and foreboding, threatening to loom over him everyday. She would fight it everyday, though. In the morning when his eyes first opened. In the evening over their meal together. In the late night when sleep took over his soft, dreamy eyes.
She would fight his pain in every moment with every breath of energy she had. She loved him so fiercely and so deeply. His pain was what she could not take. Not what caused it, that she could try to accept and get through. But that it caused him pain, made her want it for herself instead.
“Give it to me instead.” She said.
She wished it was her instead.




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