Character Profile: Ryan

Introducing another character from the novel that I’m writing… Ryan! Here is the character profile for Yasmin who is the protagonist. Most of the chapters are from the first person perspective of Yasmin, however there are also a portion of chapters from the first person perspective of Ryan.

Character Profile

Name: Ryan Hastings
Nicknames: Ry, Rocky (by his best friend),
Age: 23
Religious views: Agnostic
Nationality: British
Place of Birth: Luton born and bred
Qualifications: Ryan got some GCSEs and then went on to do an apprenticeship to become a plumber
Current job: plumber and another job (cannot disclose)
Dream job: self employed decorator & plumber
Siblings: Marie, younger sister aged 14
Parents: Mother – Tracy Hastings, has bipolar affective disorder. Father – unknown
Best friend: Rudie, who he met at his second job.
Favourite colour: navy blue
Favourite drink: Coffee
Favourite food: fried chicken
Favourite book: The Godfather
Favourite film: The Dark Knight
Favourite season: summer
Hobbies include: fixing things, DIY, home improvements, playing football, spending time with his sister.

I hope you enjoyed reading about Ryan! Is there anything else you would like to know or ask about him, please do so in the comments and I shall see if I can disclose or not 🙂


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