My Favourite Books Growing Up

I felt like being nostalgic and taking a trip down memory lane to revisit my favourite books when I was growing up. I’m one of those bookworms who has been one since I can remember. There wasn’t really a book that made me fall in love with reading, I just always have. As a child, I loved stories which fuelled my imagination even more and showed me mysterious and magical worlds, much more interesting that the real world with numerous possibilities.

Harry Potter – J.K. Rowling

(All of them)

The Harry Potter series sits at the top of this list proudly. These books win hands down, with their eyes closed and their hands tied behind their backs. I can hardly think of my childhood without thinking of Harry Potter. I am of the Harry Potter generation, growing up almost as the characters did. Waiting, impatiently, for the release of each book and reading it within days of getting my hands on it. As each latest book was released I would be thrilled that they were getting longer. I can remember the equal dread and excitement as I neared the end of each book.
Those books broke my heart and made me cry many a time (still not over Sirius, Fred, Hedwig, Dobby and Lupin) and made me laugh and smile on occasion too. They gave me so much to relate to, so much to dream about and my very first book crush too (Ronald Weasley lol).
P.S. I’m Gryffindor, what house are you?


His Dark Materials – Philip Pullman

(The Northern Lights, The Subtle Knife and The Amber Spyglass)

Much like Harry Potter this series opened up a whole new mysterious alternative reality to me. I loved the concept or alternate universes a slip of a knife away and horrors and adventures awaiting in each one. I loved even more, the concept of dæmons – an animal which is a human’s inner self and is connected invisibly and always stays near to the human. During childhood the dæmon can shift and change to any animal at will but at the onset of adolescence the dæmon becomes a fixed form of one animal which is a reflection of that person’s nature. These books were so intricate with so many characters and different story lines which came together. Many worlds and many dangers in these books and yet the main characters were two kids, which appealed to me as a child reading them.

My dæmon would surely be a cat, what would yours be?


Noughts and Crosses – Malorie Blackman

The Noughts and Crosses series was set in a alternate Britain after an alternative history has taken place in which African people had gained advantage and enslaved European people, rather than the other way around. The books are set in the period a little while after slavery had been abolished, however, segregation operates to keep Black people (Crosses) in control of the Noughts.
This series focused initially on two main characters Sephy (a Cross) and Callum ( a Nought) and how their childhood friendship soon becomes complicated as the innocence is taken away from them. These books were so enlightening and powerful. About love, hate, forbidden love and more hate. It shows you what hate can do to people and what oppression looks like closely on all levels. Eye-opening and more so for being told alternately.


A Series of Unfortunate Events – Lemony Snicket

The Baudelaire children, Violet, Klaus and Sonny, become orphans when their parents tragically die a fire in their house while the children are out. From there, life very rapidly goes down hill for the children.
I loved how these books were written; how Lemony Snicket, the narrator, would almost converse with the reader and completely draw you in. These books really were unique, bizarre and addictive. I loved how each of the children had their own special talent which they were amazing at and they always needed each of their talents to get them out of whatever obstacle or problem they were facing. These books were also pretty sad and when whatever ridiculous problem they were facing stopped for a second, you realised what these kids are going through and you’re like… damn.


Honourable mentions

The Wind on Fire trilogy – William Nicholson

Thursday’s Child – Sonya Hartnett

Artemis Fowl series – Eoin Colfer

Twilight Series – Stephenie Meyer (I know, I’m sorry)

Alex Rider series – Anthony Horowitz

The Diamond Brothers books – Anthony Horowitz

The Princess Diaries – Meg Cabot


I feel like there’s so many more and I just can’t remember them…

If you’re shocked at missing books on this list, it’s probably because I read them when I was older and not in my childhood, or I just didn’t read them and tell me what they are so I can read them now!

So guys, what were your favourite books when you were growing up?

Be right back, just going to reread all of these books now!




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