My Favourite Female Book Characters Part II

Here is Part I of my favourite female book characters.

Mariam of A Thousand Splendid Suns – Khaled Hosseini

From the moment she came into the world, Mariam was blamed for her very existence and the circumstances around her birth, over which she had no control. Growing up with a bitter and harsh mother, Mariam found joy and happiness in the small moments that she could. She persevered and no matter how much her mother would try to take away even those small moments, Mariam wouldn’t let her.

When Mariam is 16 years old, she is forced to marry a man in his 40s and even then she looks for the small moments of joy. Her husband soon loses patience with her and Mariam soon finds herself

Every stage of her life, Mariam is made to feel a burden and is abused by those closest to her; yet she bears patiently and never loses her faith. That is what I admired about this character, as well as the deep sympathy I felt for her.


Liesel of The Book Thief – Markus Zusak

After witnessing a tragic loss and then being separated from her mother, Liesel finds herself in a new neighbourhood being looked after by her foster parents in WWII Germany.

Such a melancholic book in general, and unique in its narrator being Death but Liesel in herself was a complex character. So much tragedy in her background, yet she is able to offer solace to those around her, just by being her.

A jovial best friend, a soft foster dad, a hard foster mother and a desolate Jew; they all value Liesel so highly that she doesn’t even realise it. She was a perfect main character in a book full of truths that were hard to swallow. Liesel managed to live through all of the harshest truths that life had dealt her and where did she find solace, where did she find hope and the whispers of joy? In books. That in itself was such a simple and beautiful thing about her which was impossible not to love as a bookworm.


What did you think of these two characters if you have read these books? And who are your favourite female book characters?



  1. Aww Liesel was such a strong character, however I don’t know why I didn’t feel much of a connection while reading that book, maybe because I had way too high expectations.

    I don’t really have a favorite character, it just changes as I read more books, but rn I can think of Hermione from Harry Potter (relatable and interesting character) or Tris from Divergent (total opposite but very brave).

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