DisUnited Kingdom

Politicians expect respect but do nothing for the people except neglect.

We have to read between the lines to see the truth wrapped up in lies.

The media tells us what they want us to know;

they keep minds closed and discourage growth.

Papers owned by the rich and sold to the poor,

So their propaganda goes door to door.

Every word is controlled by them as they seek to brainwash.

For minorities and the marginalised, the result is an ambush.

Blame laid at the doors of those who are suffering.

When questions get asked, the leaders are stuttering.

Politics and agendas have left this country divided.

The media stoke it up by being one-sided.

The gap between rich and poor only gets bigger,

The upper class are happy; it increases their figure.

The rights of the poor and oppressed don’t matter.

How long until this country is in tatters.

Look at our history, we fought for democracy,

Yet those we elected give us hypocrisy.

No sign of decency or wisdom,

welcome to the Disunited Kingdom.



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