Time for a Change

I have been blogging here for nearly a year come next month and I felt like it was time to change things up a bit. I decided to say goodbye to the title of Scottish Muslimah and refresh it with something else. It took me a while to pick that name when I first started this blog and I felt it was perfect for me for a while, as I was happy with a more anonymous feel on my blog.

However, throughout the past 11 months, I feel I have developed my creative writing and have been working a lot on my own projects including writing a novel – which I am slowly making progress on. Given this, it felt right to change my blog to something more personal and appropriate, although very simple, and that is my name. I feel more ready to give my own name to the writing and pieces that I am sharing on my blog as my confidence has grown.

I have been touched and happily surprised by all of the wonderful bloggers I have come across since starting this blog and I just want to take this moment to thank everyone that has ever read any of my pieces. All of the lovely people who give comments and thoughts, just know that it really encourages and inspires me to write more, so thank you! And also know that I am always inspired and amazed by all of your beautiful writings and creative blogs!

So anyway, I just wanted to officially introduce you guys to the new look and new name of my blog!

You will now find me at http://www.jscherfi.com 🙂

http://www.scottishmuslimah.com will still redirect here for another month.

J.S. Cherfi 




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