Jessann Boutique

When I’m not reading a book, writing or blogging, I might be found with a pair of knitting needles in my hands. Knitting has been a hobby of mine for the past couple of years and I love trying out different colours and types of wool.

So recently, I thought why not try and do something useful with this hobby of mine. And so Jessann Boutique was born. Jessann Boutique is an Etsy shop where I sell hand made knitted products. You can find the links under the Shop section on the main menu of my blog.

I have made a selection of knitted headbands in a variety of colours and I am always adding to the selection in new colours and types of wool. I am also going to be adding scarves, hates and gloves to the collection.

This is a new venture and I’m just starting out but I hope to grow, improve my knitting skills and make all kinds of products.

Please checkout the Etsy shop for Jessann Boutique and see what you think.

I have also made a Facebook Page here, please like and check it out!

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Facebook Page

Etsy Shop




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