My Novel

Here are two excerpts from my novel which I have shared on my blog before. They are from very different points in the novel and are completely unrelated to one another.


Stolen Moon

I wanted to do a little post on my blog to give readers an idea of what the novel is about. Although I’ve given lots of sneak peeks (and quite long peeks) into excerpts of the novel so far, it doesn’t give an overall picture of what the novel is about.

The story focuses on the life of a young woman named Yasmin, and what is essentially her journey into adulthood. The novel visits different points in her life over a period of a few years and tells the story of several significant experiences in her life. This is all told through her first person perspective.

Yasmin gets her heartbroken in different ways and has to learn to overcome these hardships. She thought she was in love and was lead astray by temptation only to be betrayed bitterly. All through this, Yasmin’s mother is undergoing treatment for breast cancer, with little effect, and Yasmin struggles desperately with what this could mean.

After going through this heartbreaking experience, a year later, Yasmin goes through yet another traumatic ordeal – completely different from the last. After being the victim of a hate crime, someone from Yasmin’s past comes back into her life, bringing with him a world of forgotten and beautiful memories as well as a lot of questions.

I hope the novel sounds interesting and something that people would want to read!





  1. Oooh finally I know what the story is about. At least now I can have a rough idea of the reason for her long night cries.
    It seems to be very interesting and appealing. I’m so excited for it to come out and immerse myself into Yasmin’s world!

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  2. Sounds interesting. But as for the title, neither strikes me as one I’d vote for. I guess I’d have to see where the story ends up – which you obviously can’t reveal here – before choosing a title (or suggesting one).

    The current choices, to me, point more to the journey the protagonist goes through. But personally, I would look at where she ends up, then work that into the title in a concise way. “Serendipity” seems a good word to characterise her role in the story, but the other part…that’s what I can’t make a call on without knowing the conclusion.

    Sorry if that’s unhelpful…but that’s just what came to mind when faced with those 2 options.

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  3. I am looking forward to this SO MUCH. I mean it sounds quite interesting. I would definitely want to read this. I had been waiting for a post like this! InShaAllah it will be a great success ❤️

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