Day 24 of the October writing prompt challenge


Cold, fresh and crispy air.

It smells and feels clean with the icy snap overtaking everything else.

A single step outside and I breathe in deeply.

Snow, covering the road, pavement and all of the cars.

Now everything is the same. Everything is uniform.

Everything matches, all you see is white.

And it doesn’t matter if you have an Audi or a Nissan.

They all look the same under the snow.

January, when so many people try to make fresh starts,

and the air, the earth, is trying too.


Fun fact: I was born in January and I told my brother that my middle name was January because of this. My mum was in on it and for so many years my brother thought my middle name was January. Probably doesn’t sound that funny but I found it so funny when I told him that January was in fact not my middle name and he didn’t believe me (this is the lame kind of prank that I pull – and find it funny). 🙂




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