Day 22 of the October writing prompt challenge


“What’s for dinner today?” He asked the same question everyday, as soon as he got home from school.

She tensed up, not wanting to disappoint him, knowing that he undoubtedly would be.

“The same as last night, honey.” She said softly.

“Great.” He muttered sarcastically.

He started going upstairs to his room but came back to say something else.

“Other mums make an effort for their kids you know, make them nice meals, feed them up. Things like that.” He frowned at her and rolled his eyes as he walked back up the stairs.

A tear escaped from her eye as she quickly tried to busy herself with some task or another. She wanted more than anything to be that mum. She used to be that mum, did he not remember?

She was struggling. She had to live within their means and right now that meant simple and cheap food. Ever since his father left them, she had been struggling. She didn’t want her son to see it though. She would not let him see it. There were some months when she could buy nicer food, heartier food. But a few weeks ago, he had wanted new football boots and she did not want to refuse him. So for the rest of this month she was scraping by any way she could while he unknowing, complained about dinner.



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