Day 16 of the October writing prompt challenge.

I’m cheating today as I’m recycling an old post which was entitled ‘Her Tears’ which is an extract from the novel I’m writing…


An extract from my novel.


I was tired of crying. I felt the all too familiar sensation of tears readying themselves within me. I screwed my eyes up tight, refusing to let them roll down my face, as if it might make me stronger if I managed not to cry. I felt the tears burning my eyes and after a few seconds I relented. Hot tears streamed down my cheeks. Once I let them flow, they were encouraged at my vulnerability and they flourished all the more.

I tried to regain some sense of control before I lost it altogether so that these tears wouldn’t turn into gut wrenching sobs. As soon as that anguished moment came, when a sob let itself free, it was so hard to stop them. There were times I actually welcomed the tears openly and expectantly. A familiar friend who let me liberate the agony inside me; who let me feel my grief as raw as it was after having to force a smile and face the day.

Some nights the crying only stopped after exhaustion or once I had literally run out of tears to cry and I was left inconsolable with dry sobs still wrenching themselves free. How desolate and tormented I felt on those nights when the tears ran out before I fell asleep. Sometimes all I could hope for was at the very least to fall asleep before I fell apart any more.



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