Day 13 of the October writing prompt challenge!


My future self sits at the table, or sits by the window, or on the sofa… With one of my many notebooks and a pen in my hands, or my laptop, or a scrap piece of paper…

And I write the words that come to me, the words that have found me through whatever inspiration I am yet to experience. New thoughts, new blog posts, articles and musings. Thought provoking or just rambling, I am yet to find out.

My future self finishes the novel that I started ten months ago… I hope I will finish it and I hope it will make something of itself and be meaningful to even just one person.

Insha’Allah (God willing).

As of now, all of those future words remain unwritten and all I have in this moment is the words I write now.

Not one of my best but just some personal thoughts I guess!



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