Day 11 of the October writing prompt challenge


Just one more, that’s what he always told himself, just this one more and then that will be it. He really meant it every time, he really tried. Each time he reached for that bottle, he hated himself a little more. And then he told himself, like he always did; this will be the last one, and then I’ll go to rehab. He meant it, every single time.

Why can’t he just give it up, they said. Doesn’t he love his girls. He loves the drink more than his girls. But he didn’t, that wasn’t true and he wanted more than anything to prove them all wrong. He wanted to show his girls the man he used to be.

He would go to rehab, this time he really would. And he would get back to his girls before they didn’t recognise him anymore. He would show them how much he loved them and they would know.

But he never got to rehab. He never quite made it that far. His last drink was only his last because he breathed his last breath too. He never got to rehab and he didn’t get back to the man he used to be. But still, his girls knew, deep down that he always loved them more than the drink, more than anything.



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