A Lost Key

Day 7 of the October writing prompt challenge.

A Lost Key

The box sat in the middle of the table. She studied its every detail. It was more than a century old. A beautiful box adorned with intricate carvings of lustrous patterns. It was made from a rich mahogany and the edges were all trimmed with a border of gold. The handle of the lid was a large and hypnotising diamond. But just below that diamond was a carefully constructed padlock, designed by the most sought after locksmith.

The key which belonged to this lock had to be as intricate and beautiful as the box it opened. She could see the key in her mind’s eye, as a young girl, admiring the key on a chain around her grandmother’s neck. But now that key was lost.

What lay inside the box was far more valuable than its guardian. If the lock was forced open by any other means then the priceless contents would be destroyed; a failsafe put in by the locksmith.

She would not and could not stop until she found the key. She would comb the entire earth if she had to. There were people relying on her.


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