Candy Wrapper

Day 4 of the October writing challenge

Candy wrapper

How could a candy wrapper mean anything, how could a candy wrapper have any value or sentimental meaning… because he gave her that candy.

At the time, once she had opened it and eaten the candy, all the wrapper represented was rubbish. She put it in her handbag to throw away later when she came across a bin. It wasn’t until two days later that the candy wrapper came to mean so much to her. A candy casually given to her on a date night with him, would ordinarily have been long forgotten about. But giving her that candy was one of the last things he did. With a smile on his face, laughter in his heart and love in his eyes, he stepped out into the road and saw the car a fraction of a second too late.

It wasn’t until two days later that she went through her handbag that she came across the candy wrapper and broke down in tears.

Years later you would find that she kept the candy wrapper in her purse and you might wonder why she kept rubbish, because it would and could never be rubbish to her. The last memento and the last thing that was given to her by her true love.



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