Day 3 of the October writing challenge


She walked through the empty field and all that was running through her mind was the decision she had to make. Time was running out.

In the field next to her were three horses. One had a powerful and quiet presence with a coat as deep and dark as the night. The other two were small in comparison and were grey with speckles in their backs. She admired their beauty in every aspect of their appearance. They noticed her in return and slowly made their way over to the fence. She stopped in her tracks and walked towards the fence as well.

They all gently examined her and sniffed her, wondering if she might have brought them a gift. She stroked their noses each in turn and suddenly found herself in a moment of peace. She wasn’t thinking about the decision and she felt a slither of freedom.

She thought about these horses, living in this field. None of their decisions were their own but it was all they knew. She wondered if they wanted to be free, if they wanted to run away and live their own life. She wondered if they envied wild horses.

She walked further down the fence where there was a gate to their field. She looked around her, and seeing no one, she unlocked the bolt and pushed the gate wide open. The horses were watching her but they didn’t move. She looked at them for a moment and then carried on walking through her field. When she got to the end she looked back and saw that the horses remained in their field. It was then that she made her decision.



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