Day 2 of the October writing prompt challenge.



There are different types of hunger. There is the hunger for achievement, driving you to push and work hard, whether that achievement is academic, work or creative. This hunger can be quenched momentarily but it will always insist you strive for more.

There is the hunger for money and materialism, arguably a very dangerous hunger indeed. This can push people away, for people aren’t necessary to quench this hunger; all that matters is possessions, appearances and designer labels. There is no quenching this hunger at all, for there is always something better and newer to reach for.

There is hunger for recognition; for value and for love. Something we all have within us and depending on the people around us, we all have different levels of hunger. Some people may have all the money, achievement and possessions in the world. But if they don’t have love and people that care for them, then there is a gaping hunger that will never go away.

There is hunger for justice and righteousness. In the world we are living in today, with outrageous profanities, ongoing discrimination, racism, sexism. An alarming rise in hate crimes and persecutions, attacks on people because of what they look like or their beliefs. Has there ever been more hunger for justice?

Then, most unjust of all; there are people who have no time or energy to be hungry for any of these things. There are people who don’t even know that there is hunger for any of these such things. There are people who don’t know how or what it is to be hungry for any of the above, because all they are hungry for is food.




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