I was nominated to take part in this October writing prompt by Zoya at Seeking Words.

I don’t think I will be able to find something worthwhile to write about for every single prompt but I will give it a go and try and find some inspiration. Hope you enjoy and whoever reads this, I nominate you to take part as well, no matter how late or how many you do! So here goes…




I have an angel on each shoulder. The angel on my right; he records my good deeds. The angel on my left records the other. So easily and too often, I let myself forget about the angels on my shoulders.

Angels are beings of light, made of noor. Incapable of committing sins, they don’t have the ability to disobey Allah. How easy it must be to not be able to fall into sin or slip, trip and accidentally find yourself being pulled into it. Shaytaan has no sway, no whisperings could tempt or lead astray the angels. But we all have angels who help protect us from shaytaan. We all have an assigned angel who encourages us to do good; who reminds us and prompts us… When we have a seed of an idea to do some good, maybe I’ll read some Qur’an, shaytaan pipes up: “do it tomorrow” but your angel pipes up as well: “do it now and tomorrow.”

When you make du’a for someone, no matter what that du’a may be when it comes from the heart it is the most sincere and beautiful thing; don’t forget the angels make the same du’a for you.

When I think of angels, I think of the creation of Allah who carry out His commandments. Beings which are so magnificent, so varied and so utterly numerous; beyond the limited comprehension of us human beings. I think of that angel that we will all inevitably meet. Malak Al-Mawt, Izrail, the Angel of death and even Malak Al-Mawt will face death.




  1. This was a beautiful post. Even though we approach faith from different angles, it’s fascinating to me the way we perceive parallels in our journeys. I loved the perspective, and I adored the reminders. Thank you for these lovely words dear one. 🙂 Joanna

    Liked by 1 person

    • Thank you so much! I’m glad you could find some parallels and relate to the post, even though like you say we may approach faith differently. Thank you for your lovely comment, it means a lot! ☺️


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