In Between our Goodbye and our Next Hello

My dears, in hot Algeria…

In between our tearful goodbye and our eagerly awaited next hello, whenever that may be, I know that God will take care of you.

How could He not, when you are of the souls that are most beautiful in this world.

I know God will take care of you because He loves you; how could He not when you are among the people that do good in this world without thinking twice.

You made me feel more sincere love and care than I could have hoped for and you did it without even trying because it is simply in your essence.

I loved you before I met you; and now that we spent so much time together, the love has only increased and embedded itself in my core.

Now that the love has grown, I know your absence will be felt even more but it’s a price we have to pay.

With love and affection comes attachment and with absence comes a yearning.

But thank God for the all these times we had together that were a happy surprise; they truly were a blessing.

Our goodbye, although painful and emotional, was not permanent and we hope it won’t be too long until God decides it’s time for us to make new memories together.

In the meantime, we will be praying for you, like I know you’ll be praying for us.

With love,

Rainy Scotland





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