Falls of Clyde II

A quaint and delicate village, so contrasting from everywhere surround it. A unique setting, stubborn and determined to stay unaffected by the changing society around it; in tune with the aesthetic natural splendour it is set in.

The reflections shimmer delicately yet radiantly as they capture the beauty around. The stillness of the calm water before the rupturing falls, provides a canvas for the surrounding tranquil scenery to be duplicated and displayed twice over.

The reflection of drooping branches drawing me in and showing me how simple and elegant every aspect of nature is if I only choose to see and let myself see it. A simple reflection of a seemingly insignificant tree and yet it reminds me to find the same in my own reflection, no matter what society tries to inflict upon my mindset.

A weed grows elegantly and subtly on the banks of the river, blending with the shimmering reflections reminding me that there is beauty and good in everything, whatever label it may have and despite the supposed uselessness of an creation.

The banks bursting with life bring forth trees which veil the beauty behind them. The gaps in the trees hint at the masterpieces they seek to protect and conceal from prying eyes.

Sunlight shimmers and dances on and through everything it meets, creating art with the contrast of cascading light and flickering shadows.



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