Thank God for Good People

Thank God for those precious moments when I’m so touched by the complete sincerity of the kindness given to me by another human being.

Thank God for those precious gems; those moments that remind me of the beauty and pure goodness that humans are capable of.

Thank God for those moments that soften my heart and remind me that there is beauty in this world, even if I have turned away from it, even if I choose not to see it.

Thank God for those sweet, pure and innocent souls that exist in this world to spread their love and generosity to those around them; those of us that flounder and forget about the good in people.

Thank God for strangers who smile at people who pass by, without reason or need; brightening up someone’s day without even trying.

Thank God for people that think about others so genuinely and with such compassion that they put others’ needs before their own.

Thank God for people that are so soft and gentle that they have a calming effect and put those around them at ease.

Thank God for people that share their kindness and consideration with everyone they come across, indiscriminately and without a second thought.

Thank God for those people who are so pure, so good, that they inspire everyone around them to do more good.

Thank God for all those people that show me love and compassion when I need it most and at every moment in between.



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