Falls of Clyde

On a warm summer’s day, my eyes see this beautiful place for the first time.

New to my eyes and yet millions of eyes over time have set themselves upon the scenes I found.

The Falls of Clyde; where time seems to have stood still, paused and never managed to catch up, nor did it want to.


The water falls and hits the river and surrounding rocks with an effortless force and strength.

The sound of the waterfalls drowns out the ongoing buzz of the world around it. The unimportant and the unnecessary.

Nothing else is as important; nothing really matters when you are so wrapped up in nature, in the beautiful creation.


The waterfalls have seen highborns and queens pass through and they didn’t give so much as a glance in their direction.

Nobody who passes through holds more importance over another; nature is in order here.

The surrounding caves have harboured heroes escaping capture but who’s to say which side the falls were on.


Time stands still there yet the Falls of Clyde withstand the test of time without even trying to.

Wars and tragedies, civil and abroad, have changed the lives of every person who has walked here…

Yet the falls go on and on; water eroding and erupting and uninterested in the fickle lives of people.


Nature is proud here, nature is subtle yet all absorbing; stunning each sense in its careful way.

Nature owes us nothing, humans who trample and exploit it in every corner of the world.

Yet nature displays itself and adorns the world we live in, offering a comfort, offering a peaceful place to pause and asking nothing in return.




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