I Long for That Place

I long for that place. I long for that beautiful and serene place. That place where I will feel happiness and contentment to the extent that every single moment of heartache and misery in this life will seem as though it never happened. Every tear I have shed, every cry of anguish, every ounce of pain and torment will be wiped away and forgotten; to even think of it would be unimaginable. The pain will be passed and even the memory of it will be gone; all that will be there is the absence of pain, the safe and content feeling of bliss knowing that pain will never reach me again. 

I long for that place. That place where every single inhabitant of it will have everything they love and desire. You will have bounties and palaces and things of sublime beauty. Not only that but everyone around you; everyone you care about and love has everything they want as well. Those moments in this life where you receive a blessing but wish it for others as well will be long forgotten. No more guilt or anguish at the hands of blessings which are granted to you, feeling unworthy of blessings which others have not been granted, yet they pray and they wait. That place will only know love and joy, and you won’t have to witness suffering or misery anymore.

I long for that place. That place where heart ache does not exist. There will be no heartbreak there, no tears will be shed. No matter what has gone by, no matter the pain that has been experienced in this life, it will be no more. Tears and agony will be banished in that place. Even if someone broke your heart and hurt you in this life, if you saw them there; you would love them in the purest and simplest form of love as they would you.

I long for that place. That place where there is no ill will, no negative thoughts or whisperings. Everybody thinks the best of each other and there is only love around. There is no stress, no pressure. I long for that place where there will be no bad blood nor grudges and no evil eye. There will be only forgiveness and light.

I long for that place. That place where I will be home. Finally, home. That place that is my final abode for eternity. I long for that place where I will be with my Lord and those that I love. Those that have comforted me and have been a blessing in this life.

I long for that place.


May Allah forgive all of our sins, may He save us all from the punishment of the fire and may He grant us all Jannah as our final abode, ameen.




  1. Reading this has made my heart feel joyous and filled with hope for that day when we will return home alongside our loved ones and will see the face of the One who created us. Loved the contrast between the two posts! And Ameen to your beautiful dua’a ukhti ❤︎

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