That Day She Prays For

As she looks through a tinted window in her mind, she can see how she hopes that day will look. How that day will look whenever that day may come, by the will of Allah.

That day she prays for in every conscious thought and every waking movement. Every step she takes she feels is bringing her closer to that day.

That day she sometimes lets herself dream about. She lets herself look through the window and feel a tingle of that joy and blissfulness that she knows she will feel that day. It’s like dipping her feet warm water, she gets a glimpse but she knows that it’s only a shadow of the reality she hopes it will become.

She has to be careful not to look through that window too long nor dip her feet in that warm water for more than a fraction. Sometimes she lingers too long and as she looks away her eyes burn and her feet feel icy cold compared to the warmth she let herself get pulled by. She has to pull a heavy dark curtain over that window in her mind so that she doesn’t get tempted to spend her days staring through it. The curtain is drawn so that she doesn’t get rooted to the spot when she sees the image of the dream she prays for everyday. She can only handle a glimpse every now and then otherwise the contrast of reality makes her want to smash the window. But that window is her hope.

Every particle that she is made of, every atom of her body that allows her to stand in prayer, is also uttering that same prayer that is ingrained on her mind, body and soul. Praying for that day. She knows that Allah will not let her down. He will not disappoint her and that day will come.



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