The Ones whose Hearts are Torn

Allah said: I am with the ones whose hearts are torn

Hadith Qudsi

Allah is with the ones whose hearts are torn. He is with those souls who can’t sleep at night from the pain of their broken hearts. Those ones whose hearts have been trodden on and left with a reminder. Hearts in shreds, battered and bruised. Left with scars that they can never lose.

Oh Allah don’t leave me broken hearted, don’t leave me in the depths of sorrow that I might find myself in. Mend my heart when I can bear no more, fill it with love for You so that I might go on in this world until You take me from it.

“Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear…”

Qur’an 2:286

Allah does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear. However much you think you cannot bear anymore, you will find a way. You will find an extra depth of strength that you didn’t know you had because you never needed it before. When you think you have reached your limit, you will find that you will surprise yourself with what you are able to bear. Your limits were never stretched this far before, or maybe they were but time takes the past into a foggy distance. The sharpness of the pain from the past is easily forgotten until you find yourself presented with a similar pain again. Whatever pain and struggles find you, it is nothing more than you can bear. You might not know what you are capable of enduring but Allah does and He does not burden a soul beyond that it can bear. So you can and will bear it.

“But Allah is your Protector and He is the best of helpers.”

Qur’an 3:150

The One who protects you, guides you and helps you in this life, is the One Who is capable of all things. The One who created the universe, the planets, the Earth and every creature and organism that exists, is the One who is in charge of your affairs. The One who made every blessing in your life, perfectly for you, is the One who is helping you through your struggles. The One who only wants good for you and Who knows exactly what is good for you, when you are unable to see or understand what that is.

When I think my heart is breaking, when I want to give up hope; I remember all these things and I find I am very much able to pick myself up and carry on. 


“Indeed what is to come will be better for you than what has gone by.”

Qur’an 93:4





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