The Power of Pain

When you have a wound, an injury or an ailment of any kind,  whether it be in the form of the physical, psychological, spiritual or of the heart, the presence of the pain can have a power over you.

When you think about the pain you pay some of your attention to the injury and allow yourself to be aware of it, which for whatever reason, only makes it more painful.

You might find that you are distracted and busy for a while and you forget about the pain but you don’t realise that you ever forgot about the pain, you don’t realise you had even a moment when you weren’t aware of it; until it makes itself known in the forefront of you heart and mind again. In that moment of quietness, the pain is there again. Not only is it there but the pain is suddenly as searing as it was when the injury was first inflicted – or perhaps even more painful. You then find yourself wondering how it ever was possible that you might not have been aware of the painful, for any carefree moment. 

Whether the ailment has broken your bone, your heart or your soul; the potential power the pain has over you is the same. Memories and stolen dreams for the future can be as torturous as the deadliest wound. 

One has to find what makes the pain bearable, one has to find what takes their mind to a place where the pain is not at the forefront; and go there often. Until you have the power of that pain, rather than the pain having power over you.



  1. Asalam Alikum this has been my struggle with clinical depression. Im just now learning how to manage my life with depression instead of letting it fall apart because of it.


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