May Your Worries be Wiped Away

May all of your worries be wiped away, from the smallest flicker of worry to that unbearable and overtaking worry.

May the very worst of your worries today, be something you one day soon look back on and wonder how you ever fret about it.

May the worst of your fears soon be conquered by the strength you have within you.

May the deepest of your sorrows be a means of making you stronger, yet softer and kinder.

May the tears you cry today be a distant memory sooner than you could hope for.

May the cause of those tears disperse into thin air and leave in its place only hope and light.

May your good memories increase day by day, and replace those memories which hurt or hinder you.

May your dreams and hopes for the future soon be made into memories while you come up with new dreams.

May any hatred, anger or jealousy in your heart be wiped away and replaced with love and patience.

Whoever you are, reading this, know that I wish and pray this for you from the depths of my heart.

And for all of those that will never set eyes on this, I wish it for you too.




  1. I cannot even tell you what it means for you to…. this was so so SO wonderful! In a world so selfish, and cruel, and ugly, a person as beautiful as you! May Allah give you INFINITELY MORE than what you ask 💕💕💕

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