When you find what you need, exactly what you desire…when you aren’t looking for it and when you least expect it.

When he has all the qualities you didn’t even know you needed, as well as the ones you wanted.

When his personality compliments yours in so many ways, momentously and subtly.

When you couldn’t have hoped for a better match in all the souls that have ever existed.

When you didn’t even know all of the things you needed him to be, until he offered it to you and you knew it couldn’t be any other way.

When the right amount of sunshine and just enough rain, makes the roses bloom beautifully without even trying.

When a recipe you thought went wrong, turns out to be a new delicious discovery.

When a chance meeting brings you a friendship that you never would have found with someone you never would have thought.

When a casual browse online leads you to an opportunity that will open doors for you that you didn’t know you wanted to knock on.

When life works out in the most subtle and serene ways when you didn’t know it could.



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