The Mountain of Acquaintance

She thought of the ones who came first on this earth. The very first humans. Adam (AS) and Hawwa. The way they were both cast down to this earth to stay here for the rest of their lives. Not only that, but they were both cast down to completely different parts of the world. Adam (AS) thought to have been somewhere in Asia and Hawwa somewhere in the Middle East. Having just been together, blissfully and lovingly living together as companions; now they were not only dealing with the trial of going from the Garden of Adn, to being here on this earth; they were doing it completely alone, without the spouse they loved so much.

And so, they set out looking for one another. A search that took them decades, maybe even as long as two hundred years. A search that they never gave up; they were determined to find each other one day however long it would take. One day, finally they did find each other. They were reunited on Mount Arafat, the mountain of acquaintance where once again they were acquainted with one another after such a long separation.

She thought of how they must have missed each other, unbearably so, for not only were they apart but they were each utterly alone in the world. With only Allah to guide them and finally bring them together again. She thought of how many steps and miles they each must have travelled to reach their meeting point.

She thought of how we as humans, have inherited an innate search within us. We are born to seek out our spouse, our life partner, the one whom Allah has granted us as a comfort in this life. Wherever they may be in the world, our souls are looking for each other. Maybe they will never find each other in this life, for we don’t have hundreds of years to search. But insha’Allah in Jannah is where we will all undoubtedly be with who our souls love.

She thought of married couples she knew; some had grown up on the same street, not many steps did they have to walk before their spouse found them. So blissfully in love they still were, their search had been short and fruitful. Some other couples had each changed countries and religions, in order for them to stumble upon each other, the steps each one had taken were vital for them to be united as husband and wife. He moved continents and she found Islam, then they found each other. The steps we choose to take, we don’t always know where they are taking us but Allah knows.



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