A Dangerous thing Called Hope

“Having a ray of hope dangled in front of you and then abruptly snatched away is far worse than never having hope at all.”

– Yasmin (in my as yet untitled novel)

Sometimes hope can be the most painful, cruelest of companions. It lets you believe and expect. It lets you raise it beyond all possibilities. It gives you the tiniest signal, the smallest embodiment of what could be real and it makes you lift it higher.

The higher your hope goes, the further and harder it falls and you go with it. With a crushing and excruciating drop you hit the floor. You are left to pick up the pieces. To try and gather yourself and put the broken parts back together. Just as you start to mend the cracks, as you start to resemble your whole self again; hope comes around the corner, greeting you like an old friend.

Every time hope shows up on your doorstep, you want to turn away, to slam the door. You want to at least politely close the door and say, maybe another time. But hope always finds a way to slither in. Showing you what you want to see and telling you what you want to hear, not caring how hard you will fall this time, how irreparably you will break.

No matter how much hope hurts you, with its facade and its visions of what you dream of, without it surely you would be crushed, still. Perhaps more so.

What would we be if we didn’t let hope through our doors and into our hearts. If we didn’t believe and have faith that our deepest dreams and desires could even possibly come true and would one day be made into memories.

We have to have hope for ourselves, and for everyone, because if there really is no hope then we may as well give up… but that, my friends, is not an option.



  1. This is so profound sis. I think expectations, if held in the wrong place, can be the reason of a broken heart or as you said, an irreparably self. However, we should always hope for the best without any high expectations on anyone or anything, except our Master. May Allah make it easy for us. (Eagerly waiting for your book!!!)

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    • Thank you so much sis! Exactly that’s so true although it can be the cause of heartbreak we definitely do need hope in our lives and like you say only hold expectations from Allah.. ameen!
      Aww thank you 😁

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  2. My thoughts on hope may not make much sense, but here goes.

    Having hope is important, not because of what will come out in the end. But the process of awaiting something is essential in how we receive it. For example, even if you’re scared to death that your brother in the hospital is going to pass away, the moments you still have with him will be essential. Either he survives whatever ailment is upon him or he will pass away. You can’t control either possibility. But you can control your mindset leading up to the inevitable conclusion. it’s not about him living or dying. It’s about everything that happens before that. Will you be so depressed that it’s as if you’ve already accepted his death while you sit next to his hospital bed? Or will you be the one talking to him and making him laugh, as hard as that may be. Focus on the times and the situations that are within your control. Hope, simply put, is just something that helps you do that and avoid living life in a way that you’ll regret.

    I didn’t expect to write that much, but your post made me think.

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    • Main point: Regardless of whatever outcome lies before you, hope is the thing that gets you through the waiting process. And that’s a very valuable thing. After that, whatever will happen will happen. But with hope, at least you’ll get there in one piece.

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      • Exactly, hope is what gets us through. If tee have no hope then our whole outlook and mentality changes as you mentioned before.


    • Thank you so much for sharing your thoughts on hope as well! I completely agree with you and your example is actually very similar to the situation which the character in my novel is going through and how she is affected by and dealing with hope…


  3. Lovely post. This really resonated with me. I definitely tend to close the door on hope out of fear of disappointment and getting hurt. I’ve become pretty used to this attitude, but I think it does become draining after awhile. Thank you for the reminder that hope is part of what makes us human and what keeps us going. Wish you all the best – speak766

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    • Thank you so much, I’m glad it resonated with you… I think it’s something everybody goes through at one time or another, it definitely does come draining. You’re welcome and all the best to you too! 🙂


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