Seven Nights

Another sunset arrived and with it came a crashing disappointment. Another day gone by with no word from him at all. Another day passed by without any sign of him fulfilling his promise to her. He was increasingly running out of time in which to keep his promise. Her days were numbered and each sunset that came without him, only increased her desperation and despair. Each time she thought she couldn’t bear anymore, only to find that she simply had to. She had to find new limits of bearability everyday. She tried not to think about the number of chances there were left now. Seven. Seven nights before she would be forced to marry a man she hated.

Seven more sunsets for him to fulfil his promise of coming to rescue her.

No other way out. All she had was the view from her window, a perfect view of the sunset each evening. No other way out. Her room was on the seventh floor and it was hard concrete below. Her only hope was him, for with him came an army. He promised he would bring his army and rescue her before her fate would be sealed.

No other way out. She had tried everything within her power. She had learned that the window was made of unbreakable glass. She had learned that they put a sleeping tablet in her food and water every evening forcing her to sleep. Yet she had to take it, for she needed her strength for what was to come. Every night she would wait to eat until she was sure he wasn’t coming. As the sun sets you will find me coming to rescue you, be ready. That’s what he said. Well she was ready, so where was he?

No other way out. And yet, she had to find another way.




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