Her Flaws

Her flaws stared her in the eyes as she looked at her reflection.

Each flaw boldly presented itself, never to be forgotten or go unseen.

Her eyes a little too dark. Her eyebrows a little too sparse. Her cheekbones not defined enough. Her skin not smooth enough, dotted with freckles and blemishes and imperfections. Her nose, too big. Her lips, too small. Not enough here and too much there. Too light, too dark, too small, too big.

Each characteristic she saw as a flaw, was made lovingly and purposefully by the One who created her. She was exactly as she was supposed to be.

The One who made her does not make mistakes. Not only is she perfect, how she was interned to be, in all her physical form; she was also made with purpose down to her character and personality.

What use is comparison of physical beauty. What she thinks of as her flaws are what she is loved for. What she thinks makes her less attractive, in fact makes her unique and beautiful to the one she was written to be with.

Her biggest flaw of all is letting society tell her what her flaws are.



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