Algerian Proverb: Friendship

الربا فالخلطة والربح من الاعتزال، كل من تقول حبيبك تلقاه سم قاتل

Transliteration: Arba felkholta werrabh min al i3tizal, kol men t9ol 7bibek tel9ah sem 9atel

Literal translation: Losing is in having too many friends and success is having limited friends. Whoever you say is my friend, you find them to be a venom.

This basic meaning of this proverb is that the more friends you have the more problems you have. This proverb is talking about friendship in the true and deep sense. Those friends that are like your brothers or sisters, they are a part of your family. Family which you have chosen and developed without the forced motivation that they are your family so you love them because it happened that way.

True friendship is when you can rely on that person, you can trust them no matter what; you know they will have your back and they will be there for you in good times and bad.

The more friends you think you have, the more problems may arise because it is not easy to develop such a true and trusting friendship with everyone you come across. It can take time and it can take going through hardships together to come through and have such a strong and unquestionable bond. It is not possible to have such a bond with people who have only known you and been with you through your best days.

The more friends you think you have, the more likely you are to be hurt or betrayed by one of them, hence the venom. The more people you call your friend, the more you are giving people your trust.

It is better to have few friends, that truly care about you and who you know you can trust without a doubt; than to think you have many friends but with whom there is not a deep or meaningful bond. Those friendships are superficial and when push comes to shove, those ‘friends’ may not be standing by your side.

The fewer friends you have, the better and more meaningful friendships you can have. Having so many ‘friends’ but never being able to spend quality time with any of them because you have to divide your time so widely, makes for friendships that might be social but not familial.




  1. Ma sha allah such a beautiful and deep saying, capturing the true essence and reality of real friendship. May Allah bless us with the few true friends who can support and be with us through our hardships and happiness in life.

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