A Stranger’s Pain

Busy streets, people rushing past. Strangers and blank faces flow by without so much as a glance or a blink of an eye to one another. Without acknowledging or recognising their fellow human beings. Suits and designer dresses breeze past homeless people on the corner of the street. Everyone breezes past each other. Not reaching out or letting there be any sign of humanity.

Everyone is hurting. Something is weighing down on each soul that forms the sea of faces.

Every person that passes one another, goes about their daily struggle, working and striving for each day to pass and reach the next milestone they’re looking for. Everyone is holding a pain in their heart. Each individual’s pain is caused by something unique and personal to them and yet so many people go through similar struggles without ever realising it.

People who are grieving and lost in their crushing bereavement. People who have been heartbroken and hurt and their ability to trust and their self esteem have been shattered into pieces. People who are fighting inner demons and big black dogs with no end in sight. People who constantly battle to make ends meet, always stretching and hurting themselves.

But what does a stranger’s pain matter to someone who is in pain themselves.

How easily we could help one another just by showing kindness and compassion. How ever slight the pain might be eased it would still ease it somewhat.

If we only help each other, we might hurt a bit less.




  1. That opening paragraph describes London, to me. It’s why I’d never want to live there.

    May we all learn to live more connected lives – and not in the technological sense.

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