A World Beyond Repair

Death, destruction, despair.

A world beyond repair.

Terror, tyranny and tears.

Victims of all years.

Nations wiped – genocide,

People look on worldwide.

Governments, police: corrupt,

To protect or destruct?

Refugees turned away,

Despite room for them to stay.

Attacks worldwide without reprieve,

Only white lives are grieved.

More flowing blood than water,

No end to pointless slaughter.

Division, racism, hate,

Accepted without debate.

Borders, gates and walls,

No humanity at all.

Only muslims to blame,

Their lives have no claim.

Wars, wars and yet more wars,

Children killed by the scores.

No end to this in sight,

A future not so bright.




  1. I don’t understand the reference to only white lives being grieved? Most terrorist attacks (eg Westminster Bridge, Manchester Arena, London Bridge, Paris, Berlin, Stockholm, Nice) seem pretty indiscriminate regarding the skin colour of victims. I would not know the racial profile of the victims: it genuinely is not something that had occurred to me before reading your poem. I certainly didn’t mentally discriminate between victims in any way during the two minute silences. The randomness is part of the horror.

    You complain about division, but are you sure that you are not, in your own small way, contributing to it?


    • Yes the terrorist attacks are indiscriminate, that was not my point. You’re deluded if you think the mass media and country as whole grieve non-white lives to the extent that they grieve white lives. I’m sure with white privilege you are blissfully unaware of this because it doesn’t affect you.

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      • Could you give an example? I am very Martin Luther King on this. I treat people not by the colour of their skin but by the content of their character. In thirty years service in the law and education I have never valued people’s lives differently according to their colour and I consider other people doing so (or even devaluing a person’s opinions on the basis of their skin colour) offensive.

        Your earlier posts seemed kinder. Trying to stir up animosity towards people based on race is just giving in to racism, whichever your preferred or disliked hue.


      • You’re completely missing the point because you’re talking about YOURSELF and I’m talking about the mass media and society as a whole. When I mentioned only white lives being grieved in my poem, I was referring to the fact that terror attacks happen all around the world… There have been more Muslim and non-white victims than white victims and yet the media, society and government only show any value to the white lives.
        How dare you accuse me of trying to stir up animosity towards people based on race because of the fact that you’re uncomfortable with me pointing out that this society is biased towards white people.

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      • Any media outlet anywhere in the world will give emphasis to events that happen close to its audience.

        I find plenty of references in the news to terrorist attacks overseas. There can sometimes be more than one in a day. Some say there are too many duch reports and that they create a negative picture of Islam in the viewing audience.

        You still haven’t explained why you think the media only think white lives matter – wherever an attack takes place.

        And you did say that I would be unable to see your point because I was white and privileged. Not privileged (although how you can assess how priveleged I am I an not sure) but white and privileged. I know that I would never ever say somebody couldn’t understand something because they were black or brown.


      • You didn’t understand because you were dismissing the fact that society is biased to white people and I said perhaps this is because you have have white privilege. Not white and privileged, WHITE PRIVILEGE. If you really aren’t going to acknowledge that it exists then you are not as Martin Luther king as you like to think.

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      • I offered no view on whether I thought society was biased towards white people.

        I had not got beyond asking you why you think only white lives are grieved: but perhaps there is no answer.

        Please don’t shout. Words don’t change their meaning because they are put in capitals.


      • Excuse me, you have not listened to her point. Please stop being ignorant and stop talking about your thoughts about lives being grieved. She is talking about society in a whole. The reason why she thinks that only white people lives are being grieved is because it’s evident on social media, the news, on articles etc. So before you start going against someone for what they have written, please see their point of view.

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      • But that was my whole point which you ignored. I wasn’t shouting, merely putting emphasis on words which explain the answer to your question. Unfortunately, you are making yourself appear to be one of those people who think white privilege doesn’t exist.


  2. This was so touching and doleful. Came with a huge wave of sadness and that perhaps is the proof of how beautifully it has been written.

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  3. Isn’t it? Isn’t it that sometimes you feel there is no hope. That society as a whole and by extension the world is collapsing and pulling you deep into it.


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