Arabic Proverb: Silence is an Answer to the Stupid

Today I wanted to share an Arabic proverb which is so simple yet powerful

السكوت على الاحمق جوابه

Literal translation: Silence is an answer to the stupid.

There are some things which, to put it frankly, do not deserve a response. For whatever reason that may be, sometimes people are looking for a reaction of some kind, they may be saying something which they intend to provoke, offend or insult.

Rather than rise to it, silence is the best response. Then you do not say anything which could be held against you, you do nothing wrong in giving a response of silence. Not only that, but it lets that person know that whatever they said, was not appropriate or worthy of giving attention to.

If someone says something rude, hurtful, provoking, manipulative or inappropriate, then that ultimately is something stupid and giving a response will only make that person go further.

In my experience, this is something I have tried to utilise and I have found it helpful. There are times when people ask me questions or say something to me, which to put it bluntly, are unintelligent words which have been intended to make me uncomfortable or provoke me, and I have chosen to ignore these words and change the subject, giving them no response at all.

This helped me not to say something I might regret or feel bad for after. It can be too easy to hurt people with our tongues, even if they have provoked us, we shouldn’t treat people with their manners but with our own.

This is something which is especially important in Ramadan when we are not only restraining from food and water, but also from bad words or actions.

I hope everyone’s Ramadan is going well insha’Allah! 🙂 ❤




  1. Really liked this one ! Apt for Ramadan..Recently I had some very vile comments on my posts and I chose not to publish or answer them because I dont think those people are looking for a constructive argument or had a doubt, they are just frustrated people ..spitting hate and venom to spoil our moods and day.

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    • Thank you! I’m sorry to hear that! But yeah I think that’s the perfect way to deal with it because they don’t even deserve to be heard/read… and no matter how you respond, you can’t have meaningful discussion with people like that.

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  2. An important lesson I’ve learnt is to trust in your own knowledge and not to give weight to an igorant person’s opinion, if that person knows less about a situation or topic than you do. Otherwise disagreements can lead to arguments and wasted time (speaking from personal experience). So, I’ll use the silent treatment advice in future situations 😂

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    • That’s very true, it’s too easy to end up in an argument and very much wasted time when someone is ignorant. The silent treatment definitely saves yourself a lot of energy lol! 🙂


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