As Sunset Approached

As sunset arrived she sincere and heartfelt du'a, knowing that this...

As sunset approached, she made sincere and heartfelt du’a, knowing that this is the time when supplications are readily accepted; the time between Asr and Maghrib salah; the time just before the fast is broken. She prayed for her fast to be accepted. She prayed for forgiveness for all of the muslims and herself. She prayed for Jannah to be written for everyone. She prayed for good in this life and the next. She prayed for her deepest and most desired dreams to come true.

She broke her fast with dates and sips of water, as the Prophet SAW did.

She prayed Maghrib and as she set the table for iftar for her and her family she looked out the window. She stopped for a moment, the beauty of the sky caught her completely off guard. She was stunned at how casually such a beautiful spectacle held itself in the sky for all below to see. The sky looked like an intricate and beloved painting, a masterpiece created by a skilled and revered artist. Then she remembered, it had  in fact been painted by the Most Loving, the Creator of everything in this world. 

The One who had created the stunningly beautiful sunset above her, had also created her. She reminded herself that there is beauty and marvel in everything, if she only chooses to see it.

She felt a wave of amazement at the pure beauty she witnesses in this world, and the unfathomable beauty there would be in Jannah…




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