Two Years a Muslim

More than two years gone by.

Simultaneously a lifetime and a brief passing moment.

Such a short time since she uttered a few significant words that changed her life.

A sentence, so powerful and momentous when said with conviction and belief.

Something she now says several times a day throughout her prayers.

For two years she has been standing to pray.

Feeling the burdens fall away every time she bows down.

Feeling humble and shy yet too often distracted.

Two years since she made the most important decision of her life.

Looking back now she wonders how she had the courage but she thanks God that He granted it to her.

Now everything in this world has a different tint to it.

Everything is in a different perspective and it makes so much more sense.

It gives her hope and comfort that she doesn’t need to strive for money and success in the way everyone else does.

She doesn’t need to try and attain the materialistic lifestyle that is so sought after.

She has learnt a lot since that day two years ago.

Not least of all, the ways she could be put down and trodden on by those she trusted.

The ways she would be hurt and betrayed.

And yet, she learnt to bear it and to deal with it… to patiently endure.

She learnt to try and love everyone and forgive even when it seemed impossible.

She learnt the meaning of sisterhood and brotherhood, when complete strangers love you for the sake of Allah and you love them.

She learnt to be thankful, for everything, even her trials.

She learnt the temporary nature of everything in this life, in this world.

She learnt to work and pray for the life that will be permanent.

Two years is but a second when this life is but a day.




  1. IT was beautiful Safia, I hope your Ramadan are passing well..I can imagine the decision and the journey must be hard May Allah give you more strength and rewards for it , it is not easy to be a muslim today with islomophobia everywhere.

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