Algerian Proverb: A Time for Talk

لكل مقام مقال

Transliteration: Likoli maqamin maqal

Literal translation: To every situation there is a conversation

Essentially this proverb is conveying the fact that there is a time to talk about everything. Any given topic of conversation is not necessarily appropriate for any given situation. Sometimes, depending on the setting, the environment and the people you are surrounded by; it would be better not to attempt to discuss certain topics.

For example, from the perspective of Islam, when you are in a mixed gender environment; it is not the time to talk about certain topics which would be uncomfortable and/or inappropriate to discuss with the opposite gender – especially when they would be non-mahram.

I think this proverb could be applied to many different kinds of situations and I think ultimately it’s about being sensitive to other people and considering whether certain topics of conversation might be hurtful or harmful for others. For example, if someone has very recently lost a relative to specific illness or misfortune, then perhaps it might be triggering or upsetting for them to hear or be apart of a conversation relating to that loss in some way.

The point is there is nothing wrong with wanting to converse or debate about any given subject; however when it comes down to it, there is a time and a place for everything – including topics of discussion.




  1. I just came across the “Algerian Proverbs” category you’ve got here and I looove it!
    I recently bought a book explaining hundreds of Arabic proverbs and I loove it too!
    Stay inspired!
    Have a great day
    -Leen 🙂

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