What is Love

Love is support, holding you up strong and high; it wipes your tears whenever you cry

Love is laughter, infectious and true; it starts in your heart and goes all the way through

Love is gold but not for fools; it’s held to no laws, boundaries or rules

Love is a cool breeze on a hot summers day; it collects your discomfort and takes it away

Love is a greeting always sincere; happy to see you and hold you dear

Love is the moon with its soft silver glow; a guiding light in the dark wherever you go

Love is the smile that doesn’t hold back; whenever you stumble it keeps you on track

Love is a look, a glint in the eye; a tender gaze that never asks why

Love is your person, just as they are; one of a kind, irreplaceable star


A poem I wrote in honour of my sister’s wedding.




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