When we Question Allah

Human beings have a natural flare for being arrogant and egotistical. Deep inside of us all, is the capacity and potential to be ungrateful for the abundance of blessings we have. So often we overlook all of the blessings and bounties which are bestowed upon us and instead we focus on the things we think we are lacking. Things we perceive as being withheld from us.

We don’t question Allah when He grants us something good. We don’t ponder at His plan for us when we find ourselves in a good position. We don’t question and falter when our prayers are answered. When we get that job we wanted; when we find that spouse we were looking for; when we are provided with rizq; when we are blessed with healthy and beautiful children. Everything good that comes our way, is accepted and embraced into our lives. So many more of our blessings are completely taken for granted because we almost assume they are a given. The ability to see and hear. The ability to walk. The ability to eat more than enough food everyday. Clean water. The ability to stand up to pray five times a day.

We don’t question the wisdom of Allah when He grants us blessings. Yet we are so quick to question Him when something passes us by.

When we are praying for an outcome and we see a different result than we wanted, we are full of questions. When a misfortune befalls us, when tragedy strikes… We question the wisdom of Allah without hesitation. We wonder what His plan is for us. We internally question His plan for us and it occurs to us that perhaps we are being punished. Why me? we cry. We are astonished that Allah, for who anything and everything is easy, does not grant us what we wish, or he bestows on us trials and hardships. We dare to think that we know better.

Think of the person who loves you most in this world. Perhaps it is your mother. If she was in control of what happened to you and the plan of your life, surely she would want the best for you and do all in her power to ensure you had whatever was best for you. Allah loves you far more than she does. His love for you is beyond any love in this world. He not only knows what is best for you but He has planned everything and He wills whatever is good for you. If something you perceive as bad happens to you, know that Allah only willed it to happen because it is in fact good for you. If you go through trials and hardships, and you endure patiently, then you will be rewarded in the hereafter insha’Allah so in the end it is better for you.

We have to remember this life is nothing but a test. Some people are tested with blessings and some people are tested with trials. Every blessing we have is also a test, this can be too easy to forget. Are we grateful for the blessings we have? Some people are tested with wealth and others poverty. Some people are tested with health and others with illness.

Everything in this world is temporary. This is not our final home. We can’t complain or stress about our lives because they are not perfect. We will not achieve perfection or a final state of bliss and happiness in this life. We will only reach that point when we attain Jannah insha’Allah.



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