Algerian Proverb: People with No Benefit


I want to start regularly sharing and writing about Algerian proverbs. There is something I love about Algerian proverbs in the way that they are often so metaphorical and they draw comparisons to real life situations so beautifully. My husband teaches me these sayings and so often shares these jewels of wisdom with me and I thought why not share them on my blog as well.

Today I will share an Algerian Arabic proverb which puts simply a very important reminder.

لي مافيه نفع ديرو فلمدفع ودفع

Transliteration: Lee mafih nfa’ diro filmedfa’ wedfa’

This translates literally in the meaning: whoever doesn’t have benefit, put him in a cannon and fire. 

Whoever doesn’t have any benefit – whoever doesn’t bring you any good or happiness; put them out of your mind. Throw them away. Don’t just cast them from your mind but do it with the speed and force of a cannon. Don’t give them your energy or your thoughts. They’re not worth it if they bring you no benefit or good.

We are all guilty of this. Getting upset and giving headspace to people who only bring negative energy. The people who gossip or make unnecessary snide remarks just because they feel like it. People who are jealous of your blessings or your happiness. People who don’t like to see you doing well. People who you cannot please no matter what you do. It only brings you down and fills you with negative emotions and thoughts. Sometimes people will not be satisfied with anything you do; not only that they will be antagonised when you have done nothing to them. The hardest part is there is not always, if ever, a logical or understandable reason for anybody to treat you this way. Some people find fault where there is none.

The more you focus on these people the more you will become like them. You will find yourself backbiting and gossiping about them because of the things they have done or said to you. Wrong they may be but if you talk about them instead of casting them from your mind; you will pick up the very habits which hurt you in the first place.

When you cast these people from your mind; you will be happier. More at peace. Not only that but you can focus your time, energy and thoughts on people who do benefit you. The people that care and stand by you through every stage of happiness, despair, excitement, loss and whatever you may come across.





  1. Salaam alaikum! There are so many of posts of yours I have sitting in my inbox waiting to be read…I have been a little out of it lately! But I just wanted to drop by and say I am super excited about this one! My husband doesn’t acutally teach me a lot of proverbs like that, so this will be a great way to gain some cultural knowledge =) Plus, this is such an important reminder; I have been finding myself in quite a negative space lately, and now that I am actually thinking about it, I am sure this has a lot to do with it. Look forward to the next, in shaa Allah!

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    • Walaykum assalam! Ah bless you I’m the same it’s hard to keep up with everything you want to keep up with sometimes! Aww I’m glad to hear you’re excited! Yeah that’s why I love the proverbs as well, it’s an insight into the culture… My husband always comes out with them but I never remember them but this way writing about them, I actually start to learn them properly! I’m sorry to hear that sis, this is definitely something that gets on top of me as well. It can be hard not to care or get hurt by other people, a lot easier said than done! Thanks sis!

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  2. I disagree on the notion, I think any book has something to give even a small line, will give alot to thought about. Similarly, those who can’t give any benefit, are such that give the importance of color in front of blindness.


  3. Thanks for following my end, I hope you didn’t mind my perspective. Since, I observe things, I have a passion to read faces. I learn things from reading faces. So it’s just, that I don’t think anyone doesn’t give benefit, it could be one can’t benefit to us, but he must be giving benefit to someone.

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