HER Stories: She Saved Herself

She was trapped in her own mind with her perilous thoughts. Each one torturing her, tormenting her. She needed someone to save her. To save her from herself.  She began suffocating as each thought pushed her down further.

But she couldn’t wait around to be saved, she had to save herself. She had to fight back.

She went into the storm and she knew that she wouldn’t be the same person when she came out of it. The storm changed her. It pulled her apart in ways that she didn’t know was possible so she had to learn to put herself back together.

She had to mend herself. Find where the broken parts fitted back into and find a way to repair the damage and make sure the same damage would not be inflicted again.

She came out of the storm and she realised she had been her own worst enemy. She had been putting herself down. She had let negative thoughts live and prosper in her mind. She hadn’t believed in her own strength or her own abilities. She didn’t love herself. When she learned to put herself back together she also saw her own strength and she was proud. She was in awe of herself. She wondered where she had found the strength and courage to get through the storm but then she realised it had always been within her.




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