A Letter to Her Husband


Ya rajli

You pour your love so generously, so endlessly, without regard

You mended the cracks in my heart that I thought were there to stay and you did it without even trying

You make me feel whole because you are everything that I didn’t know I was missing

You are a part of me; you are me and I am you

We are entwined 

I no longer know where you end and I begin and I don’t need to know

You find it utterly unbearable to see me cry and if that isn’t love, I don’t know what is

You protect me so ferociously

Your gheerah makes me feel guarded, safe and precious 

You make me feel valuable like I never felt before

Wherever we may go it doesn’t matter because you are my home

You gave me a home in your arms, your eyes and your heart

Everything I was never given, you give me without thought

As if Islam wasn’t enough, Allah gave me you as well… Alhamdulillah.

I pray that Allah keeps us together in the dunya always, I pray that He may take us together when He is pleased with us and I pray that He will reunite us in Jannah, ameen.



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